Virginia Preschool Initiative

Openings remain for children in the Virginia Preschool Initiative program offered through the Alleghany Highlands YMCA in partnership with Alleghany County Public Schools. If your child turns four between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30 of this year and resides in Alleghany County, they may be eligible for free preschool.

The program is offered in two locations — the Central Learning Center housed inside Mountain View Elementary School and at the West Learning Center, located at the former Jeter-Watson Intermediate School in Covington.

The program offers a high-quality educational experience that focuses on the STREAMin3 curriculum, prepares children for kindergarten and offers fall and spring Brigance and PALS testing. The program is full-day and features highly qualified teachers and aides.

The STREAMin3 curriculum focuses on five core skills that form the building blocks for later learning and six STREAM skills to help children prepare for the academic demands of kindergarten.

CORE SKILLS: Relate with peers and adults; Regulate their emotions, attention and behavior; Think deeply about the world around them; Communicate with others productively; Move their bodies to achieve goals.


  • Science – scientific method; understanding of the natural and physical world;
  • Technology – using tools to create, explore and innovate;
  • Reading – book understanding, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, print concepts and early writing;
  • Engineering – understanding how and why things work;
  • Art – creating, expressing and imagining through a variety of mediums;
  • Math – number sense, geometry, spatial relations, patterns and measurement.

Children develop these skills through the intentional, integrated, interactions (in3) that they have with their teachers and peers.

School starts on Aug. 25. “We would like to have it full by then, but we do have a Sept. 30 cutoff,” explained Amanda Marshall, Alleghany Highlands YMCA Early Learning director.

For more information on the program, call Marshall at 862-8683 or by email at

Call to see if you qualify!

West Learning Center (540) 965-9622

Central Learning Center (540) 862-0488