Tea Simmons did it. Learn how you, too, can REVERSE THE HEARSE!

Not all WOUNDS are VISIBLE, but the Alleghany Highlands YMCA PTSD Support Group is here to LISTEN.

Empower: verb make (someone) stronger and more confident.

Empowered! That's how you'll feel when you take our Summer Boot Camp with Laura Farrar on Mondays and Wednesdays through July 24th.

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Strength Train Together

If you're looking for a class that works a variety of muscle groups, try our new Strength Train Together series!  According to Y CEO Jennifer Unroe, "STT will make you sweat, it will challenge your skills and endurance, yet leave you feeling proud of your accomplishments. We truly have a lot of fun in class. Just be sure to bring a BIG water bottle!"

STT is offered a variety of times throughout the week to meet just about any work or personal schedule. Be sure to check at the front desk or on our mobile app for the latest in class times.

strength train