Membership Changes



Changing Membership

You may need to change your membership for several different reasons: adding a child, removing a grown child, a change of address, change of bank account etc. Should you need to change any of your membership information, please complete a simple YMCA Change Form available at the Member Services Desk. The YMCA encourages you to be pro-active to avoid any possibility of disruptive services.


Do you have a new addition to your family? Have you been recently married? We want your entire family to be able to enjoy your YMCA membership. Should your new addition put you in a new membership category, you will be responsible for any additional joiner’s fee and membership dues. We ask that you pay the difference in the first month’s dues at the time when you submit your Change form. If you pay by quarter, bi-annually or annually, we ask that you also pay the difference in your dues for the balance of your invoice period.


Have your children grown and left the nest, making your eligible for a couple or adult membership? We will happily adjust your membership category as well as your membership dues. All you need to do is complete a Change form and return the membership cards of dropped family members. Please allow 30 days to adjust bank draft amount.Refunds will be made for remaining dues paid on quarterly, bi-annual or annual invoice payments, however we cannot refund or credit the original joining fee.


If you are moving out of the Alleghany Highlands area and would like to have a YMCA membership in your new city, you will need to cancel your membership with the Alleghany Highlands YMCA and join the YMCA in your new hometown. YMCA’s are separate and managed differently at times. Therefore, YMCAs have different policies and procedures. We will be happy to provide a letter stating the cancellation date of your membership here in Alleghany Highlands YMCA and the amount of joining fees you paid at your request. Be sure to contact the YMCA where you will be living to find out their policies concerning joining fees, dues etc.


Our goal is to serve you and your family to your satisfaction. We do understand that while we strive to serve all, the YMCA may not be for everyone. We desire to work with you to solve issues and encourage you to please inform us of any unsatisfactory circumstances, so we may address those issues. Should you decide to cancel your membership with the YMCA, we ask that you complete and sign the YMCA Cancellation Form available at the Member Services Desk. Unfortunately, verbal, fax, email and phone notices cannot be accepted. Please include your membership cards with your written notice. Thirty days is required in order to stop your bank draft.

Credit Policy

The YMCA reserves the right to cancel programs because of insufficient enrollment or conditions beyond our control. If a program in which a participant is enrolled is cancelled, a full credit will be issued. The participant will be required to provide proof of payment when requesting a credit. No credit will be issued for classes missed by the participant. If the participant is unable to attend or is not satisfied after the first class or league practice (prior to the first game) then a full credit will be issued.


Non-payment could result in service fees added to your account and suspension of your membership until all fees are paid. This includes any participation in programs. To avoid these fees please make sure that the YMCA has current bank draft information on file. If your account is turned over to collections for non-payment, there will be a 30% late fee added on to your account. Any payment returned for any reason will result in appropriate late fees, plus a YMCA service fee per incident.


Membership in the YMCA is an ongoing commitment. Should you need to place your membership on hold, you may do so by completing and signing a cancellation/change form and submitting it 30 days in advance. Your membership may be placed on hold for up to 90 days within a 12 month period, during which membership fees will be suspended. Exceptions to these guidelines due to medical circumstances may be made at the discretion of the CEO.

Fee Changes

The YMCA Board of Directors, at their discretion, may adjust the monthly rate applicable to your category of membership. The YMCA will provide at least 4 weeks notice prior to making any such change. A yearly increase usually occurs in the beginning of the calendar year.

Rejoining the YMCA

Should you cancel your membership with the YMCA and wish to rejoin, we will be happy to assist you in becoming a member again. Please note that once you cancel your membership and you choose to rejoin, you will be responsible for paying the current membership dues as well as any outstanding fees you may owe. An additional joining fee will be assessed at the time of rejoining if your time away exceeds 2 months.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with your membership within the first 30 days of joining, we will refund both your joining fee and monthly dues in full. This only applies to first time members.

Membership Refunds

Should you decide to cancel your membership with the Alleghany Highlands YMCA we will happily refund the unused portion of any membership dues paid by invoice or stop the automatic withdrawal from your checking or credit card account with a 30-day written notice. Joining fees are non-refundable.