Join us THIS WEEK for Five Days of Action! This week-long campaign is designed to raise awareness and inspire all adults to take action to protect children from sexual abuse.

We know the world looks a little different right now. Our communities are continuing to press pause and social distance, schools may be virtual, you may be working from home, and your childcare options may have changed. We know that when our routines change, we may need to adapt our child protection strategies. Five Days of Action will help communities and parents/caregivers take it One Day at a Time. We will be offering tips, tools, activities, and resources that are relevant to the current environment throughout the next five days and beyond.

Start by having a conversation with your kids. The “What If?” Game is a great way to think about situations kids may face in life and would need to solve. Head on over to www.fivedaysofaction.org/what-if-game  to see how to get started. Here’s to Five Days focused on protecting our kids!