Wellness Facility Amenities



Wellness Center

  • Guided Weight Machines that target each muscle group
  • Ellipticals, Treadmills, Stair Climbers, Recumbant and Upright Stationary Bikes, a Woodway Curve Treadmill, and Ergometer (Rowing machine)
  • Complete dumbbell set with weights ranging from 3-120 lbs
  • Kettlebell set with weight ranging from 10- 62 lbs
  • A Hammer Strength Squat Rack, Smith Machine, and Cable Machine
  • Incline, Decline, and Flat Bench Press
  • Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Row machine and Delt Raise Machine
  • Accessories include brand new lifting belts sizes M-XL, bumper plates ranging from 10-45 lbs, Landmine pole for T-bar rows, deadlift jack, medicine balls, and lifting straps
  • We also offer personal training that includes a fitness evaluation, weight room orientation, and exercise prescription
  • 5 lb body bars
  • Stability Balls
  • Stackable step up platforms
  • Yoga mats
  • Yoga blocks
  • Assistive stretching bands
  • Dumbbells ranging from 3-15 lbs
  • Two 42” flat screen TVs
  • Integrated full room speaker system
  • Shock absorbing rubberized flooring
  • Three full mirrored walls
  • BEAM - Interactive floor laser games.
  • Six regulation size basketball hoops
  • Basketballs, volleyballs, footballs, and soccer balls
  • Volleyball net that can be set up upon request
  • Indoor walking track with cushioned flooring (17 laps = 1 mile)
  • Spin room with 5.1 speaker system
  • Pickle ball net
  • Handicap Accessible, Twenty five yard, six lane swimming pool with water depths ranging from 4-9 ft
  • Handicap accessible hot tub with jets
  • Dry Air Sauna
  • Kickboards to assist with your aquatic workout
  • Group and Private Swim Lessons
  • Swim Team that runs from October to March for the winter season and a short six week season from mid June to July
  • Features GameTime playground systems for ages 2-5 and 5-12 with a 9" base of engineered wood fiber