The West Learning Center is Quality Rated. Please call and arrange for a tour if you are searching for a quality early education program for your child.

Infant and Toddler Programs, Preschool, Before and After School Programs

515 E. Pine Street, Covington, VA 24426

Phone: (540) 965-9622; Fax: (540) 965-5888

Hours:  6:30 am to 5:45 pm (Infants and Toddler Programs)

Monday - Friday, 6:00 am - 6:00 pm; Monday - Friday (All other classrooms)

Meet the Staff
Barbara Workman, Early Learning Programs Administrator  Barb
Heather Entsminger, Site Coordinator W_6827
Lassomie Walker, Infant Lead Teacher  
Jerri Tucker, Infant Teacher Assistant  
 Charlotte Moore, Infant Teacher Assistant  
Shanice Austin, Early Head Start Teacher  
Meagan A. Jefferson, Early Head Start Teacher
Cathy Brown, Toddler Lead Teacher  

Victoria Humphries, Toddler Teacher



Darcell Dobbs, Infant/Toddler Assistant Teacher



Charlie Linkenhoker, Toddler Assistant Teacher


Brianna Moore-Substitute/Floater
Danielle Givens- Pre-K/Toddler Assistant
Jayna Davis-Toddler Assistant
Doreen Davis-Educational Coordinator
Bron Hendrickson, Three Year Preschool Lead Teacher  W_6776
Jennifer Crawley, Three Year Preschool Teacher Assistant  
Megan N. Jefferson, Three Year Preschool Teacher Assistant  
Shamika Dorcus, Four Year Preschool Lead Teacher  
Marlee Parker - Four Year Preschool Teacher Assistant  
Janet Slusher, Virginia Preschool Initiative Lead Teacher  W_6808
Tyra Davis, Virginia Preschool Initiative Teacher Assistant  W_6812
Doris Lowe, Education Coordinator  L1_2684 (1)
Shawanna Barber, School Age Director  W_6785
Kizzy Jeter, School Age Teacher Assistant  
Wayne Bates, Transportation  
Bonnie Payne, Food Service  W_6824

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